Arthritis Medication Information

Arthritis Medication Information

Confused by all of the juvenile arthritis medication available to you or your child? Not sure which is the best for you or your child given their various side effects and potential risks? You’re not alone. In fact, we all are!

Arthritis Medication Information

The first thing to do would be to listen to your doctor’s advice. They are the experts in the field and we should listen to their suggestions. However, it doesn’t hurt to do your own research, even if just to better understand the market and how the various pharmaceutical medications work in the body.

While I have plenty of experience in juvenile arthritis and the body, I am certainly not a doctor, and do not pretend to be. The list below serves as a mere roadmap to help you get started on your own medication research should you be interested.

I have scoured the internet for resources on this topic and have listed the ones I found to be most helpful. Perhaps they can help you on your journey to better understand this disease and the treatment options available. If you have any questions about any of the research you come across, be sure to ask your rheumatologist!

Arthritis Foundation

The Arthritis Foundation provides a good resource about juvenile arthritis to start with. Along with giving a basic outline of juvenile arthritis and what it encompasses, this page outlines the many treatments for JA that work alongside of medication.

Kids Get Arthritis Too

The most helpful and up to date of all resources I found, Kids Get Arthritis Too, keeps visitors abreast of new research and new treatment options. What I particularly like about this resource is the post about lab tests and understanding their results. Armed with such information, you can feel more confident in speaking to you or your child’s doctor about what the tests might mean in terms of treatment options moving forward. That knowledge also gives you further insight into how the disease is responding to current treatment.


I find Medscape to be extremely helpful in breaking down the various classes of medications typically prescribed for JA. Through understanding this breakdown, you may find you better understand the role each of your or your child’s prescribed medication plays in combating the disease and it’s symptoms.


This FDA article explains the current role of biologics in the treatment of JA. It is full of helpful information that helps to understand what biologics are and why they work. After reading, definitely check out the post about biologic testing on Kids Get Arthritis Too to see the results of using this method for first line treatment.

About Kids Health

While About Kids Health is less helpful in terms of understanding up to date medications, what it does well is explain the role that medication plays in combating JA. It also lists helpful tips to keep in mind when using medication so as to feel confident in either administering medicine to a child, or administering it to yourself.

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