What Is Still Moving?

Still Moving is a collaboration between dancer, choreographer, and teacher Kristin Deiss, and television producers Jonathan Craig and Timothy Childs. Our goal is to bring healing and awareness to the juvenile arthritis community through workshops, dance, and film.

About Juvenile Arthritis

Though juvenile arthritis affects nearly 300,000 children in the United States, most people don’t know that kids get arthritis too.

The disease can be incredibly painful, yet the causes are still unknown for most forms of juvenile arthritis. Additionally, there is no cure, although with early diagnosis and aggressive treatment, remission is possible.

Because of this, it is imperative that more awareness is raised and more research is done for the juvenile arthritis community, and that’s what Still Moving is focused on.

How to Help

Still Moving has partnered with Media Alliance, a non-profit organization that supports independent film, to accept tax-deductible donations on behalf of our project.

If you would like to donate, click the PayPal button below and enter either a one-time donation, or a recurring donation (by clicking the checkbox). Please note that all donations, whether they are $5, $50, $500, or $5,000, help our cause.

If you have any questions about the donation process or our project, please reach out to us on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.