Welcome to Still Moving

Welcome to Still Moving

Hello! I am Kristin Deiss, dancer, choreographer, teacher, and founder of Still Moving. I wanted to personally welcome you to the journey you will be taking with me as I set out to bring healing to the juvenile arthritis community.

When I was thirteen years old I was diagnosed with what was then called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and what now would be considered juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

At the time I was training to be a ballet dancer, and very scared and confused about what this diagnosis would mean for my future.

I was extremely lucky, and after a year of meds, diet change, energetic healing work, and additional supplements and vitamins, I went into remission.

While my dance career didn’t go the way I had thought, or hoped it would, I am currently still performing, still choreographing, still teaching, and well, without sounding too corny, still moving.

My experience with the disease didn’t end when I went into remission. Although my body had physically begun the healing process, it took me a long time to realize that my mind and emotions also needed healing. This realization prompted me to look back at the very memories I ran so far away from, the ones that hurt, the ones that caused so much physical, mental, and emotional pain, but this time with the intention to heal them by accepting them as part of who I was and who I am.

Instead of denying that part of myself I have started to embrace and love that part of myself. My own healing journey has inspired me to help others who are suffering from JA through my blog, my YouTube channel, and workshops I hold.

Throughout this entire process, my hope is to help people heal, and since I am on my own healing journey, I want to share with you what I’ve learned along the way.

You’ll learn about things such as stretching and exercise, nutrition and supplements, and support and self­-love.

Through my efforts, I hope that every child and adult with juvenile arthritis can proudly say, “I’m Still Moving.”

Thank you for being part of my healing journey and for allowing me to be a part of yours. Please keep in touch through my website and social media. Have a wonderful day and goodbye for now!

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