Second-hand and a little history in a shop

In the sub-station district, a discreet shop offers beautiful pieces: clothes, accessories, jewellery of great brands but also of more modest origin. Its owner has been holding it for twenty-two years.

Going through the door of Boutique L (for “her”, and for “luxury”) in Lausanne, is entering a neat, friendly and storied universe, which Nadi Ansari took over the shop twenty-two years ago. She was back in Switzerland, where she had studied, after a few years in her native Iran. “The shop had been in existence for five years, it belonged to the antique dealer Carmen Porchet, who was president of the Salon des antiquaires de Lausanne,” says Nadi Ansari. I was a customer at the store and I was helping out a few times. I finally took it back.”

A wide choice of products

On site, a wide choice: clothes, accessories, shoes, but also jewellery, all enhanced by an all-floor parquet space, on which an elegant wooden mirror stands. “We sometimes receive estate assets from families who do not want to take care of them,” says the manager. We also receive stocks of stores that are closing. But most of the time, it is customers who come to deposit their parts and, once they are sold, we pay them.”

Parts that are not available on the market

Thus, the clothes that can be found at Boutique L are very diverse: “We have major luxury brands that are becoming cheap, such as Chanel, Hermès or Dior, but also more modest items that are sold for 20 francs. We set the price together,” says Nadi Ansari. The shop takes between 20 and 50% of the amount.”

second han shop

About the “second hand”, Nadi Ansari has a lot to say: “Today, there is the idea that it is a kind of recycling that allows objects to continue to live. But the second handpick also allows us to obtain interesting parts that we do not necessarily find on the market, that does not mean that we can’t afford anything new.” She even gives us a little history lesson: “We have to remember that we originally wore them because they were better than new. New meant that we had bought the suit for the occasion, which implied that we had no other opportunity to wear it. We chose the second hand for a question of appearance.”